A New Chapter


Welcome to the English home of Aleph Synn, a Portuguese Graphic Storyteller.

This site is a companion piece to Sanktio Comix, aimed towards an international crowd.

The Lowdown

Aleph Synn is a Portuguese fiction writer, whose primary focus is comics. Sometimes he also writes about non-normative sexualities and identity politics. He also has  other skills sets, that used when solicited or needed.

He writes most of his work in Portuguese. This site only provides a snapshot of the author, for those who do not understand that language.

The WorkLog will provide some news and original content about his projects. The Scraps feature random thoughts, connections and annotations about a wide range of subjects. The Prose section has some micro-fiction and will present some short stories.

Social Media

You can find Aleph in Twitter, TumblrGoogle+ and Linkedin.

He’s also on Facebook. On his personal page he shares a lot of things in Portuguese; so it’s  better that you follow the fanpage. You’ll find information about his projects, when they start to materialize.

He also publishes information about science, sci-fi, and identity politics on the page.

Work in progress

This site, like its author, is a work in progress. Subscribe the feed, the mail updates or follow him in social media, to receive news about updates.

Stay tuned!