Fictional Suits

Aleph Synn is a jack-of-all-trades. He’s native language is Portugese but, sometimes, he develops works in English. Although he never had any formal training in that language – he never finished high school – or lived abroad.

He dabbles in various areas: writer, designer, copywriter, journalist, and letterer. While in the he had a day jobs as mailman, cook, butcher and working in client support. He also has experience in the acquisition of publication rights of foreign materials to Portugal.


Born in 1977 as Bruno Campos, Aleph Synn fell in love with comics at an early age, as a reader and author. But there was one problem: in Portugal being a comics author isn’t a profession! Unfortunately, for his mother, that didn’t prevent him from dabbling with graphic storytelling, in any medium available.

Here comes the Editor

In 1994, Bruno made he’s debut with the fanzine Arkham, that  followed by UltimactoAardvark, a guest stint as editor of Boletim do Clube Português de Banda Desenha and finally Bizarro in 1997.

Soon he was spending too much time coordinating and publishing other people works. He was forgetting his projects.

That’s when he decides to focus more in his writing and less in editing or publishing projects. Tired of being only know as an editor,  he created the pseudonym Rohke Vorne. Which is a somewhat childish reason to use a pen name, but he was young!

The Life and Death of Rohke Vorne


When Bruno  started publishing zines, in the late 20th century, he used to write and draw his stories. With the change of name to Rohke Vorne came also another change: a focus on the writing. He started to collaborate with artist like Brian Heyboer, Janus, Phemad, João Mascaranhas or Daniel Maia.

While he wrote lot of stories that were never drawn, other had a saw the light of day. Published by him or in other places like Nextcomics,Terminal and Cyber-Extractus.

The big accomplishment of that phase was the minicomic Useless Mess, with art by Phermad, published by Dr. Makete in Portugal and NonaArte in Brasil.

In 2002, Bruno transformed the fanzine Bizarro into a webzine, so he could publish some of his stories and reach a broader audience. Something which ended up being a time consuming job, without any pay. And, besides that, it prevented Rohke from devoting more time to his creative endeavors.

Bizarro had a team of several editors. It published comics, reviews, news, interviews and galleries in an insane rhythm, for a non-profit publication.

Bizarro left little time for Rokhe to write his stories. Then, in 2004, everything that could go wrong went wrong, and Rohke Vorne disappeared without a trace.

How Chaka Sidyn was derailed

In 2007, after three years without wring a single line, he decided to bring back Bizarro, to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Bruno starts writing again under the name Chaka Sidyn.

The Bizarro 10th anniversary edition was never published. Chaka Sidyn only made some feeble attempts to write again. Meanwhile, he keeps working outside of the creative field, only doing some odd jobs of design.

He decided to return to comics after the Great Colapse of 2009 and the Relapse of 2011. Which resulted in the publication in 2012 of Minizine, through the Sanktio Comix label.

Sidyn’s was also working projects for webcomics, comic book proposal and graphic novels. But another project derailed them.


Bruno Campos started writing articles and reviews about comics for his fanzines, and continued to do it for publications like Mondo Bizarre, BDesenhada and Central Comics.

In 2013, he decided to start writing again about comics in his blog, aCalopsia. But soon that project evolved from an individual blog to a collective blog, which sometimes resembles a comics news website.

Besides the duties of blogger/journalist he’s also the editor, coordinationg a team of pro-bono collaborators and webdesigner or, being more accurate, webmaster.

The Birth of Aleph Synn


Several circumstances lead to the birth of Aleph Synn. Most of them aren’t relevant for now. It marks a new beginning, it represents something its creator values and other despise.

It’s the final stage of a convoluted story, whose that is going to have a unexpected twist.


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