Aleph Synn is a Portuguese media virus, born in last quarter of 20th century.  It was designed to infect the world with new ideas, worlds and thoughts.

A Jack-off-all-trades, a writer of urban dramas, sci-fi epics and fantasy extravaganzas, to pay the bills Aleph Synn has worked in several odd jobs. His résumé include stints as cook, butcher, mailman, and call center operator, among other things. This eclecticism is due to exogenous and endogenous factors.

The Portuguese comics industry is too feeble. It’s unable to support the local authors, which means that creating comics in Portugal is a hobby, unless you work for a foreign market. Besides that, Synn never took the necessary steps to pursue a career as a writer. He got involved in projects that prevented him from focus in what was fundamental.

In spite of that he developed some projects as a comics writer, editor and designer. He also became a comics journalist, in an unexpected twist of fate.

He always had a keen interest in science, sexuality and magick, but he never thought about becoming a philosopher or a social-thinker. His transformation into a critic of identity politics was an unexpected mutation. Which no one was able to predict, not even him. Although, he has always been a keen observer of humanity’s incongruities.

Living in a bilingual world, Synn has been working in Portuguese, during most of his life. He made a few incursions in the English language, which were sparse and irregular. Now they will become a regular fixture in his work.

Synn is shameless, blunt, sometimes lewd and crude. Some people believe that he’s dangerous individual, which shouldn’t allow to walk free in our society. He disagrees with such harsh judgments.

He describes himself as realistic romantic and a cuddly sadistic. Someone that lives by a simple creed: “Respect my limits if you want me to respect yours. Don’t abuse me if you don’t want me to abuse you.”

It’s his interpretation of the Old Testament adage of “an eye for an eye”, with a dash of New Testament compassion. But, maybe it’s a mantra too complex to the modern world of political correctness.

Anyway… after suffering several permutations and mutations, the Aleph Synn virus is active and contagion is unavoidable.


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